Darjeepara Sarbojanin

darjeepara Sarbojanin 2015

Darjeepara Sarbojanin Durgotsav Samity


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This is the 84th autumn. We are on the worship of goddess of strength. Our puja is the canvas of tradition & theme. Last three years our canvas has been ornamented by several competition organizer.
Some details of theme are given below:

In the 84th year of 2015 our theme is

শিল্পে সাজাবো , রং-এ ভাসাবো

Shilpo the culture, the creation which bloomed by the creative lord The Narayan. The Lord Narayan (Real as Lord Jagannath) also designed and soul created by a hundreds of artist in Raghurajpur. The remote village in Orissa, where the little child who has born today also the creature of creation. The  hundred fifty of houses better to say huts are the workshop of the creation. The creation in coconut shell, cow dung, paper pulp and so many natural elements.
We hats off the creatures. To honor them, our theme our creatures will be dedicate  to the remote  “Heritage” villagers.
So, we are requesting you to cover our puja through your channel and we also want to participate in your pujo competition.


darjeepara Sarbojanin 2015


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Prizes that we won on 2014:

1) SERUM Sharad Baran Samman 2014
2) Kolkata Festival Sharad Samman 2014
3) Berger Top 20 2014
4) Parampara Sharad Samman 2014
5) J. B Euro Shree & Sristy TV Sharad Shamman 2014
6) Differently Abled & Senior Citizen Friendly Durgotsab Award 2014 by N.I.P

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Ujjal Saha
98300 49483



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